Accessories for docks

We supply all the accessories and spare parts designed for dock to carry out its work in the service of the user with a focus on comfort and safety.


Gangways are often an indispensable tool for accessing docks. Our company manufactures several models of gangway, in order to meet the specific needs of each type of installation. The load-bearing structure of the gangway consists of hot-dip galvanised steel beams made according to UNI EN ISO 1461 or of anticorodal aluminium 6060 T5-6, welded together so as to obtain a solid supporting frame, completed by electrically isolated aluminium spars, on which the floors made of exotic wood or WPC (Wood Plastic Composite are fixed.
Depending on the length of the gangway, additional reinforcing sub-frame beams may be used.
Used for the fitting of the docks to dry land, or to each other, several surfaces can be connected in various ways.
Our production includes several solutions for anchoring gangways to the ground through the use of toggle joints, universal joints, gravity joints or wheels on slides. We also produce removable interlocking gangways between modules and portals with winches for lifting.
We also provide self-supporting gangways, with floating elements that allow you to not distribute weight from the gangway to the dock to which it is connected. The gangways can be equipped with polyzene or nylon scroll wheels, steel anti-friction plates and flaps to cover the joints, made from embossed plate or covered in wood.
In addition to gangways, custom made railings can also be supplied.


We create appropriately sized portals for various types of gangways. Customisations and special designs with access control systems can be requested.


Fingers and catways are the optimum complement for the safe mooring of boats, facilitating the operations of dock approach and the landing of passengers and freight. The structure of the finger consists of properly sized, hot-galvanised steel beams made according to UNI EN ISO 1461 standards, or of anticorodal aluminium 6060 T5-6, onto which flooring made from to the exotic wood or WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), and mooring bollards are fixed. Floating elements which can be made of concrete or plastic (HDPE), and Fingers are particularly suitable for mooring medium to large vessels, and they facilitate the operations of approach, docking, unloading and loading. Our fingers can be custom made according to the project requirements.


Perimeter protection fenders in exotic precious wood, WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) or EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate).


We develop connection systems for docks, toggle joints, universal joints and buffers, suitable for solving every need depending on the marine weather conditions present inside the port and the marina. Where necessary, we can customise attachments to suit your dock.


Our mooring rings are made of hot-galvanised steel made according to UNI EN ISO 1461 or in 304 or 316 stainless steel and can be supplied for installation on docks and for installations on the jetties. Our Technical Department will study the solution that best suits your needs giving you the possibility to customise the design too.


We supply extra thick floating docks (minimum thickness 30 mm), made of Pozzolanic concrete S4-S5 to 500 kg/m3 of cement, fibre reinforced and strengthened armed 16 mm rods in the bottom perimeter, with interposed shaped styrofoam with a density of 15 kg/mc or, alternatively, floating tanks in rotational-moulded polyethylene (PE) with polystyrene inside of density 15 kg/mc..


We supply different models of 2/4 supply pedestals for power and water, complete with interlocked IP67 sockets of 220-380V,16-32A controlled by circuit breakers and differentials with 30mA break current. Nominal current 16-32At, nominal voltage 220-380V. Service light on top of unit Water valves with ½ inch tap.

We supply both fire extinguishers with fire extinguisher support, quick release door, electrical connection box/alarms, LED lighting and 3×4 light line terminal board, as well as real fire protection pedestals equipped with stainless steel submerged pump and triple effect approved lance


Our hot-galvanised steel safety ladders made in accordance with EN ISO 1416 or those in stainless steel, are designed to have a small footprint on the dock, they have wood treads and a galvanised steel handrail to facilitate use.


Our docks can also be provided with safety spot lights for identification of the decking surface at night-time. The lights are made using optoelectronics, with high intensity, low consumption and low voltage power supply. Lights can be powered from the mains or from alternative sources. They are automatically managed via a control unit controlled by a twilight switch. As far as navigation signals are concerned, we have programmable night-time signalling devices with variable flows starting from a mile, with personalised flashing, which can also be powered from the electricity grid or alternative sources. Can be installed on the heads of the docks, on buoys and beacons.


We provide hot-galvanised steel bollards made according to UNI EN ISO 1461 in cast iron or AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel for installations on docks and jetties.


We provide black and galvanised chains of any size for anchoring the floating dock to the mooring post.


We supply mooring posts in pozzolanic concrete S4-S5 at 500 kg/mc of cement, fibre-reinforced and strengthened with 16 mm rods in the bottom perimeter. Appropriately sized and customised to satisfy all your needs. Our technical staff are at your disposal to solve all your mooring needs. Our technical staff is always available to solve your mooring problems.


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